Inside Art


INSIDE ART speaks of a design language which is both contemporary and visionary. It is in line with the exuberance of its designers Bhavi Bhuva and Deepal Parekh, limitless in its thought as well as practical and precise in its execution. Their design philosophy stresses a close link between the disciplines of architecture and interior decoration. The end results are rich environments defined by sophisticated colour palettes, refined materials and detailing, that tailor these interiors to suit their client’s lifestyles and tastes. They strive to develop interior spaces with an underlying classicism that survives the passage of design trends. Inside Art directs its efforts towards crafting an environment for each client that reflects his or her taste and lifestyle encompassing and highlighting every individual’s needs. Every design concept has the trademark flair and individualism to match and exceed the expectations of the clients whilst adhering to the timelines and budgetary constraints for the same.