30 Aug Neelyog Group: Mumbai’s Leading Builders

In Mumbai, where schedules are usually packed, the ideal home would be a sanctum of relaxation, comfort and convenience. In this regard, a developer that better understands the needs of its customers is able to deliver a superior product that fulfils the home owner’s needs.

An Introduction to the Neelyog Group

Neelyog Group has been engaged in developing commercial and residential properties in Mumbai for more than two decades. The group is a preeminent provider of value added construction services by constantly challenging the market benchmarks of quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness.

A Journey of Two Decades

In over two decades, Neelyog Group has contributed considerably to the evolving skyline of Mumbai. Apart from sprawling residential complexes, the group has also delivered mixed-use and commercial properties in prime locations of the city. Many of the most iconic developments in Kandivali and Ghatkopar are creations of the Neelyog Group.

The Vision of Neelyog Group

The Neelyog Group believes that a home is a basic right of every individual, which once attained, allows one to strive towards greater goals in life without having to worry about the vagaries of daily shelter and existence. This state of being leads to the development of the individual, his/her family and in turn, the entire economy as a whole.

Values and Commitment

The two greatest assets of the Neelyog Group is its integrity and its people. Its competitive edge stems from an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. The group has a company wide commitment towards maintaining the highest levels of honesty and fairness in every relationship, be it with suppliers, professional associates or customers.

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